Sunday, February 26, 2012

Conference - Theme HYP

Conference #3 began with a simple prayer:

Let our ears listen,
Let us have good vision
Let us have clear speech
Let us have good health.

Then Sharath began by asking the question:

Why is it important to start asana practice w Surya Namaskar?
1. before we start we must pray to the Sun god – without the Sun nothing can grow. The sun gives us energy and gives the planet life
2. to warm up the body

The theme today was the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and the importance of how and where we practice. “It is important to practice in the early morning for many reasons – the earth’s energy is quiet, better air quality, no distractions, calm mind (do not interact w pp before your practice as it changes your energy).
It is very important where we practice and how we practice. We should practice inside. Practicing outside looks very pretty but the wind will take the prana/energy we are trying to build up during the practice and leave us feeling depleted. When we practice inside it’s like a pressure cooker – all the prana is saved within us.
We should practice on a mat! (I’ve seen a number of people practicing without a mat and their reasoning has been that traditionally a mat was not used and they are trying to be “traditional”) No mats were used back in the day – tiger or deer skin was used to separate us from the earth. The earth will drain your energy. Your mat contains your energy.
There must be limited ventilation i.e. no fans or AC and you must practice on the ground floor.

Be mindful of all aspects of your practice. The energy you bring into it is the energy you take out of it. “Yoga Chitta Vritti Nirodha” – control your mind.

Sadhana - practice Jnana - knowledge Ajnana - ignorance

A Guru is the dispeller of darkness, remover of ignorance, doesn’t pamper of coddle, makes you realize what is correct, what is true.

In Eastern philosophy the student is taught to surrender to the Guru. In Western philosophy the student is taught to challenge the teacher. “I know more than you.” For Sharath he loves seeing all students from all walks of life. The Western attitude reminds him of his son’s behavior. LOL! His son is 4yrs old…

It is important to be bonded to the practice through the Guru. That is not to say you should be attached to your teacher but to learn from a person vs a book or a DVD. A person can keep you on the path. It is a slow process. Let it happen. Conference with Sharath wouldn’t have been possible 15yrs ago bc he did not have the experience or the knowledge to share the way he does today. Allow the process to happen. The body has to change – the muscles have to lengthen and strengthen in a different way to any other activity. Other activities make you tight. Yoga loosens you up. Certain changes will happen day by day, year by year. You need PATIENCE for this to happen. Your body will change when your mind changes. “No stiff body, only stiff mind.” Guruji
Sukha and Dukkha are both necessary parts of life. The only tool we have to keep us stable is yoga.

"Yoga is like a Land Rover – it can take you anywhere and handle any terrain." (I swear sometimes Sharath is the biggest kid!! And I absolutely adore him.)

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  1. very cool, i so enjoyed this. very insightful. thanks for sharing. xo ashley